Sunday, June 29, 2008

Reading Jazz at the Blue

Out of the Blue Art Gallery

Paintig of a shell
points to poet reading Jazz verse
-in bard's gallery.

Copyright 2008

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Ackworth Born said...

Thanks for your comment on my theatre door - if you follow the links I provided you will see that the last live show was Annie Get Your Gun in October 1974. A second cinema was built upon the stage, resulting in Royal One and Royal Two twin cinemas. In 1992 the Theatre Royal closed completely and was soon on the market for sale. Following failure to attract a buyer and the listing of the building preventing its demolition, the theatre is still vacant and in need of extensive repair and restoration to return it to its former glory and enable the doors to open again. The Onward Trust formed in 1999 has worked tirelessly since then and perhaps in about three years it is hoped to re-open part of the theatre.