Saturday, August 2, 2008

Playing The Fool

Photo: Edward S. Gault
Pictured: Karen A. Gault

For One Single Impression Prompt: Folly

1.He was the town fool
xx Then he went on a journey
xx -returned a hero.

2. Other kids teased her,
xxShe was always the last picked
xx-later, got Nobel.

3. He stole millions,
xxBankrupted the company
xx-got "Man of the Year"

4. On Stage he told truth
xxAs people split sides laughing
xxx-many words bleeped out!
xxxx(for George Carlin R.I.P)

5. Once upon a time,
x x A kingdom lacked wisdom-O!
xx -made the fool their king.

6. The Professor said:
xxx"Foolish Civilizations
xxxxlive like kings, die fast".

Copyright 2008


the teach said...

Edward I like these very much! The picture is adorable - of your daughter I assume. Thanks for the prompt... Mine will be up later today! :)

zoya gautam said...

..gracefully expressed intelligent verses,an imaginative prompt..many thanks indeed..

barbs.haiku said...

These are all wonderful, Edward! I especially enjoyed the one for George Carlin. Even though I prefer language without profanity, the way he dropped Truth on you through his comedic stylings was brilliant! Baby Boomer that I am, I still remember hearing him for the first time, and I'm sorry he has left us.

Raven said...

A wonderful series full of humor and truth. Go George Carlin. He'll be missed, though luckily he left a huge legacy behind for us to treasure.

me ann my camera said...

All wonderful! Having the last laugh in number two is my favourite!

tumblewords said...

Thanks for the prompt, kind sir! I enjoyed your work and the adorable photo!

Pam said...

Thanks for the prompt this week. It was great to read through your humorous takes-- my post turned so dark I needed a good laugh.

SandyCarlson said...

I love the irony of the first piece, Edward! Thanks for leading us along this week.

Greyscale Territory said...

Every pithy comment is priceless. A blot of seriousness streaked with humour! Wonderful!

gautami tripathy said...

Incredible pieces. I enjoyed reading those.

Thanks for the prompt.

yellowed piece of paper

gardenpath said...

Oh, I did enjoy these. Great photo, too.

Patois said...

These really are fabulous, and the photo is wonderful. Thanks not only for a great prompt but for your own foolishly wonderful poems.

DeLi said...

oh i need this, lots!

MyBellavia said...

Thanks for "Folly" Edward. All four are great! I too favor the second.

Kathiesbirds said...

Each one is a nugget of wisdom. I had a hard time with this prompt at first but finally got inspired. You had no trouble at all, I see. These are all very good! It's been very interesting to see what others have done with this prompt. The poetry is all over the place!

storyteller said...

What wonderful ‘twists’ of fortune reminding us how what seems foolish to some … isn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the prompt itself, each of your colorful responses … and actually played twice this week: once on each blog . My OSI Week 23: Folly posts can be found here and here.
Hugs and blessings,

Geraldine said...

This is excellent! I wasn't inspired by this prompt but I certainly like what you've done with it here. Inspiring.