Sunday, September 7, 2008

Don't Let Down Your Guard!

They would come at night,
Many people disapeared
-learn to sleep with fear.

Parents and children
Lay side by side on boardwalk
-where they drank Kool-aid.

She sits on the porch,
Waiting for her ride to prom
-he goes with her friend.

Christmas by fireside,
Hessians toast the holiday
-Washinton attacks!

Praying in garden:
Not my will, but yours be done!
-Judas come with kiss.

He surfaced to eat,
Gulls flocked down, they threw harpoons
-running him through side.

We watched the t.v.
Knowing our candidate won!
-next day:total shock.

Murphy's Haiku #36
A nice sunny day
Then, as I'm leaving, it rains!
-forgot umbrella.

Copyright 2008

One Single Impression: Defenses Down


zoya gautam said...

..for the humane and thought provoking images..many thanks..

SandyCarlson said...

You capture moments of true defenselessness when compassion is most necessary--and you have done it in quite a range. Thanks, Edward.

spacedlaw said...

These are heavy with emotions. I do hope the election one is not prophetic.

Sue said...

your poems remind us that there are times when defenses are necessary.

anthonynorth said...

Another great collection. The second invoked chilling images of Jonestown.

fourwindshaiga said...

Some sad cases here. I guess we had better not forget them.
I love your Murphy's Haiku.

susan said...

There is a lot of tension in some of these. Solid job of creating tone.


I didn't think Jonestown. Maybe it was the boardwalk reference. But given the collection, interesting connection.

Deborah Godin said...

The many faces of being exposed, defenseless. Do you know the music of Richard Shindell? The first haiku reminded me of some of his song, like Abuelita and You Stay Here.

Jim said...

Very nice, Edward. Suicide? Perhaps the jilted prom girl? She was heartbroken, I know.
Or was it 'praying in the garden' and 'surfaced to eat' because each of those willingly took the risks?

Kathiesbirds said...

Wow, you covered a lot of subjects here and you've captured the propmt well. I get the reference to Jim Jones and Jamestown. The harpoonng of the whale makes me sad. All of these are good. I can't pick a favorite.

Raven said...

Great range... My favorite - I'm in full political mode right now - is the next to the last. So true.

tumblewords said...

Even with defenses up, it doesn't always save us. Great work!!

kouji said...

learn to sleep with fear indeed. sad.

Patois said...

I must remember these when I complain of minor mishaps and bumps in the road. The Jonestown one sticks in me in particular.

me ann my camera said...

All of these give the truth of the story, summarizing the truth in three short lines reflects so much disappointment, despair, surprise... done so well!

DeLi said...

interesting series