Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

After foreclosure,
They searched every shelter
-"welcome home", clerk said

Copyright 2008

One Single Impression


anthonynorth said...

A cruel irony in this, but excellently said.

SandyCarlson said...

This hits home. Well done, Edward.

Anonymous said...

So sad, but I am afraid we are going to see more of it.

Deborah Godin said...

Very poignant, and a looming truth for many, I fear.

tumblewords said...

Well written. Indeed.

Raven said...

Hard truth. Makes me angry and sad. Well done.

Quiet Paths said...

Well said. I read yesterday that even with an economic stimulus package in this country we won't be able to really help everyone without community service becoming a fixture in everyone's daily life.

zoya gautam said...

.."A cruel irony in this, but excellently said"
[megalo polis megalo eremia~a great city is a great desert..if i remember correctly ie]..many thanks..

Jim said...

Very nicely done, Edward, and so true to life.
Our church houses homeless families for a week at a time in conjucntion with 14 other churches.
Mrs. Jim and I spend one night overnight there with them each time they are our guests.
Most of these are on the way to regaining a real home for the family again. They just need a helping hand along the way.