Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dropping Haikus

De-trained at Boylston,
Temperatures dropped steeply
-fourteen blocks to walk.

Beth saw it clearly,
He stole from the register
-called to drop a dime.

Letter said goodbye,
After ten months of dating
-tossed it, went dancing.

Victory at hand,
Superbowel glory within reach
-quarterback fumbles.

A friend in college,
They had shared many good times
-no returned email.

Sure of her footing,
She lifted the plates and turned
-floor needs to be swept.

Copyright 2009

One Single Impression: Dropped


anthonynorth said...

These dropped into place perfectly. The 3rd was best, i think.

SandyCarlson said...

The third poem made my heart ache a bit. No matter what we invest, when it's over, it's over and the beat goes on. Humbling!

gautami tripathy said...

Liked all but last one is my favorite.

changing orbits

barb said...

The brisk, blustery temperatures of Boston combined with 14 blocks of walking gave me a shiver! Brrr!

Pam said...

As usual you provide us with such great responses to the prompt. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of these.

Neverending story said...

Enjoyed all of these, great depth and breadth on the prompt.

Jim said...

Hi Ed, Google said:
"Did you mean: Boylston ma[?]"

This is a fun post, I thought of doing likewise and decided to let you do a better job. :-)

I can relate to some of these:
I walked to college one mile, up hill and down hill, in the rain and snow even. That is unless I could see a bus coming;
The only Beth is know in person wouldn't tell if I stole a dime;
Our (Erma and moi) dating was over a year. Then her (real) boyfriend came home from the Air Force;
My team, the Houston Texans, never make the Super bowl;
My college friend joined the Air Force after he borrowed $80 from me. I never heard from him again; and
My Mom slipped on a melted ice cube and broke her pelvis.

Excellent post for me, it all relates. Sorry for the boring comment.

Tumblewords: said...

a veritable potpourri of striking haiku!