Tuesday, April 8, 2008

NaPoWriMo #8

Apple 2

By Edward S. Gault

It was my job to collect Sandy
From next door and to walk her
The several blocks to school each morning
And then to meet her at the front desk
Of Brookridge Elementary, and walk her home.
It had been arranged by our mothers
Because Sandy was just stating first grade
And didn’t have the experience,
-and I was older.
We talked about how mean our teachers were
(I did, anyway!)
About Jackie falling off the jungle gym at recess
And breaking her collar bone.
About what we made in Art-
Which in my case usually depicted any one of the creatures
That Id seen on the Creature Feature.
She talked about what a brat her brother Benny was
-how he would cuss and get her in trouble all the time!
Benny and I would hang out together quite a bit
And play Johnny Sokko.
We would always be the Gargoyles-
Sandy and this other kid usually got stuck playing the Unicorns.
This all ended when Brad, from my class,
Agreed to come over and play.
But Sandy would not fit into our plans
-and I still had to walk her home.
Brad was a fast walker.
He didn’t wait up for anybody.
It was important to keep up.
As I was trailing him,
Sandy was trailing behind me-
Yelling at the top of her diaphragm
For me to wait up for her.
And crying.
Brad never would hang out with me again.
Sandy’s family moved away
Somtime later.
I never got a second chance.
And I lost so much more besides.

Copyright 2008

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