Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Paths We Take

Alone in his room,
Old man reads letter from youth
-rejected her love.

Walking along path,
I came to a fork, pondred,
-saw snail, followed it.

Copyright 2009

One Single Impression: Fork In The Road


SandyCarlson said...

Indeed, there is no hurry. Poignant thoughts, Edward. Thanks. (I am wondering why he kept her letter if he rejected her love!)

Tumblewords: said...

Things appear different in the rear-view mirror... and I love following the snail. Enjoyed these!

anthonynorth said...

I love the implication of the last. The best way to go.

Deborah Godin said...

I love the notion of following a snail - wonderful!

qualcosa di bello said...

the slow road is meant for savoring! i like your choice

Kilauea Poetry said...

I wish I took it slower in my youth- (I've slowed down much though..ha)

Beth P. said...

Hi Edward--
I'm with Sandy C. on this...did he really reject her love or just the form of it? Why else would he hang on to the letters unless...the love remains?

I want more snail-followin' time.
Thanks for the smile on that one!

marde said...

I enjoyed the savored, bittersweet quality in your poem Edward, and can relate to the snail's pace choice, and the time it gives one for reflection.