Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ever Have One Of Those Nights?

by Edward S. Gault

Every night was a trial
When the people upstairs got
Ticked off at each other-
Or their in-laws
Or their exes'
Or their exes' lawyers
Or the landlord
(I was actually tempted to go up
And join in on that one).
It scarcely mattered what the issue was-
The who or the what.
When they went into one of their tirades
Their hollering alone shook the foundations of the building-
Loosening the bricks
(even the ones just recently put in
with fresh cement),
Peeling the wallpaper,
And shattering the windows.
Then there were the things they threw-
I don't believe it was limited
To just the dishes.
There were thuds on the floor
That I was sure were going to bring down the ceiling.
Oh, and on those hot Summer nights (I mean really hot, wicked humid).......
I always thought
They might consider
recording these sessions
In a studio
On a C.D.
That way they wouldn't need to
Have the actual fight
Just enjoy it on C.D.
(With head phones).

Copyright 2007

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