Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coffee Bean #5

Coffee Item: Two independent news organizations have published studies stating that the Bush administration had lied hundreds of times in the period leading up to the Iraq War.

I am a registered Republican, but quite frankly I hope this will end the 28 year romance the American people have had with the G.O.P.( Yes, we had Clinton there in the the middle,but you could hardly call him a Democrat). We need more balance now, not only between the political parties themselves but between the branches of government: the executive branch needs to shed its power, the legislative branch needs to take more of a leadership role, and Judicial branch needs have more liberal judges(or be more centered). We also need to rethink the greed, bring the jobs back stateside, and rebuild the middle class. Oh yes! and by the way, we also need to bring the troops back from Iraq and give to them as much assistance medically and otherwise to successfully integrate back into their communities.

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