Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Justice Served?

Sometime, if you ever want another kind of day off, spend it at the county courthouse. It could be very educational.

by Edward S. Gault

The lawyer was silhouetted against the light
From the window behind the judge.
I remember him hoisting his file cabinet size briefcase
Upon the table in front of him,
A burly hand gripping the handle-
It was a big hand.
"I represent landlords in their claims
against tenants" he said.
I could not see his face.
Just the hand and that big briefcase.
A woman stood at the bar-
A little girl in tow, her hair held back
With a heart barrette.
She explained that she had lost her job,
But that she was doing everything
She could to pay the rent.
She said that she even sold her car
To pay the landlord what she owed him.
She said this a number of times at the trial.
But she didn't have cabinet size briefcase.
She had small delicate hands
And a soft voice.
Soft voices weren't being heard
In court that day.

Copyright 2008

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