Thursday, April 16, 2009

NaPoWriMo Poem #16

The Things They Did.
By Edward S. Gault

We read about them today.
They went to work
And came home to their families.
They went out to dinner.
Went to the movies.
Took walks.
They wrote poetry.
Went camping
-and had dreams about the lake,
And the way the moon’s reflection
Looked in it.
Sometimes they had their photos taken.
Their pictures line the wall of galleries today.
They didn’t know that then though.
They were taking their family walks
-tossing their children up in the air.
They blew candles out on birthday cakes.
They dreamed of their vacation
on the beach of some foreign port.
Many just stayed home
And played in their yards.
Some had picnics in the park
Where they enjoyed the sun on their face
On such a nice day.
Then the police came one night
And took them all away.


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