Sunday, April 26, 2009

NaPoWriMo Poem #26

Jump Rope
By Edward S. Gault

The idea of the game
Was to jump the rope
As it came to you.
A large group of kids
(practically the whole class),
Stood in a circle
As someone in the middle
Began to swing the rope around.
When the rope came to you,
Then you jumped.
The effect was this wave
That went around the circle.
It was fun.
We had been at it for two days-
Getting it down.
Getting it just right.
Making it even more fun.
A lot of kids
Wanted to be the one
In the middle
Twirling the rope around.
Everyone had to wait their turn.
Mine came on the second day.
I had completed the third round
When the whistle blew.
The teachers had seen enough of the fun
When I approached Mrs. Hahn
(who was three hundred years old
at least, and some kids swore
had played a role in the founding
of Overland Park),
She accused me of disrupting
The game of Jump rope
All the kids wanted to play.
And she didn’t think my coming
With my hands raised
Was particularly funny.
She made me stand on the yellow line
For the duration of the recess
While the other kids jumped rope.


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