Friday, April 17, 2009

NaPoWriMo Poem #17

The Trial
By Edward S. Gault

She stood before the judge
And told him how the man had
Confronted her on the sidewalk.
He had threatened to throw acid in her face
If she did not do exactly
As he told her to do.
Frightened, she ran down the street
Into a side alley,
Where she had hoped to lose him
-but he was faster.
He shoved her down,
And ripped through her clothing,
And raped her there.
She said it seemed to last for hours.
Nobody came to help her.
She looked up to the judge.
He looked to the man sitting passively
At a nearby table.
He motioned to the jury.
They deliberated, and came back
Guilty, they pronounced.
The judge then pronounced the sentence.
At that time,
The woman was taken out and stoned.


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